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Top 5 Things I Keep in My Pockets

March 3, 2021

There is nothing better than having lots and lots of pockets with ALL the handy things in them when you are working around the farm. 

Need a mitten…got one of those

Runny nose…here’s a tissue

Need a hay bale cut open…I’ve got a utility knife for that

I’m not sure if this is a mom thing, a farm thing, or if I am channeling my inner survivalist skills.  Either way it sure is handy to have lots of pockets with the right things in them.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many days where I don’t have the right things in my pockets.  Oh look, here’s some more straw.  Ugh…another soggy mitten.  Oops..I guess that egg is no good any more.  So here are my Top 5 Things to have in my pockets on the farm.

  1. Gloves – I try to keep one pair or a spare pare of basic, all purpose brown work gloves like these in my pocket at all times. I never know when I am going to be asked to run a gate, lock in the bucket on the skid steer, or pick up something that might be far from clean.  These are not the warmest gloves (so I use others when it is below zero out) so they are nice for summer. They are easy to throw in a back pocket, easy to take on and off, and easy to throw in the wash machine. 
  2. Utility knife – I always have a basic utility knife in my pocket as I am usually the one cutting bales open or cutting zip ties off a cattle panel. We do have one of these handy hook blade utility knives as well, it’s just a little large to fit in my pockets…but it sure is handy.  And bright orange so you can find it easily!
  3. Twine – I don’t think we actually have a new roll of twine around here (just one in the round baler), but we sure use a lot of it for miscellaneous things. It makes a good gate holder, chicken feeder holder, tie down for a tarp over feed, among many other things.  Usually I just run to the bin where the twine goes after it comes off a bale and grab a piece that will work for whatever problem we are trying to solve.Bailing Twine MacGyver.jpg
  4. Zip ties – Zip ties come in handy just like twine does…cattle panels, hog panels, farm truck license plates, etc. They are easy to carry in your pocket, quick to use, and oh so versatile!
  5. Mini flashlight – Full disclosure, this is more of a wish list item. The reality is my phone is in my pocket and my phone has a flashlight on it.  It seems that flashlights disappear around here.  The kids do have these handy flashlights on the zippers of their winter coats which are great for going out to do chores when it is pitch black at 5 pm during the winter months.  These mini clip on flashlights are not exactly bright enough to use for much, but the kids like them and we can see where they are in the dark since they are a little dot of moving light.  They also make a fun stocking stuffer and were on lighting deal before the holidays…win – win!

I am not receiving any payment or commission for suggesting any of the above items.  These are just things that I use on a daily basis and find helpful on the farm.  I hope this list helps with your farm chores, mom life, or survivalist skills!

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