Farm raised beef, pork, chicken, and eggs serving Fond du Lac, Appleton, Green Bay, and Milwaukee areas.
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Due to butchering schedules there may be products that are sold out at times. Don't worry! As soon as we have more of that item the inventory will be updated, and it will be available to order again. Feel free to message us if there is something in particular you are looking for at  Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know when popular items are back in stock at  

We keep our online inventory as up to date as possible but if there is a conflict, we will let you know immediately. 


Once we have received your order we will set up a time for on farm pickup or message you about the delivery/pickup location you selected. 

What type of cows do you have?
We raise Beef Cross (half Holstein and half Angus) steers, Herefords, and Angus steers for meat.  We enjoy how friendly and curious the Herefords and Beef Cross steers are.  We have small children and feel safe having more docile breeds as our children do help with chores.  The animals we raise for beef are steers (castrated males) and are around a year and a half when they are butchered.  This provides tender and flavorful cuts of meat.

What is the difference between cows and steers?

Cows are females that have had a calf.  Heifers are females that have not had a calf yet.  Steers are castrated males.  Currently, all of our beef comes from our steers.  We do have a small group of Hereford cows and heifers that are our breeding stock, but the steers are typically what goes to the butcher.

Are your steers grain fed or grass fed?

Starting in May 2022 our steers that are being processed will be grass fed and grain finished.  We practice Intensive Pasture Management which means the steers move to a different section of pasture daily.  Over winter they enjoy hay that was harvested from our fields.  

We will begin to have grass-fed beef available starting in July 2022.  Please reach out to for more information or sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know when we have grass-fed beef available.

How is meat packaged?
All meat we have for sale is frozen.  The majority of beef cuts are vacuum sealed in plastic.  Occasionally organ meats or specialty items might be wrapped in freezer paper.  All beef and pork is labeled and has appropriate labeling showing that it was processed at an inspected facility.

Chickens are packaged in plastic and froze.  If you are interested in getting a fresh chicken before they are froze please contact us and we can coordinate that based on our processing dates.  


Do you want egg cartons?
We would gladly take gently used egg cartons.  We strive to reuse packaging as we can!  It helps us keep our egg prices reasonable and keeps packaging out of landfills.


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