Farm raised beef, pork, chicken, and eggs serving Fond du Lac, Appleton, Green Bay, and Milwaukee areas.
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Thank you for your support of May Hill Farm!  We are so excited you are interested in learning more about our farm!

We are a family owned farm just outside of Lomira, WI (south of Fond du Lac, North of Milwaukee).  Joe and Carrie both grew up in the country (his parents had a small farm) and are thrilled to be raising our three children on our farm!  Joe has an Agriculture background and knows ALL THE THINGS when it comes to animals, fields, and equipment.  Carrie utilizes her project management skills to keep things running; which is crucial when juggling butcher schedules, marketing, sales, and three kids!  Our kids are involved in many of the chores that happen around here and are learning a lot.  We farm because we want to provide good food for our family and other families…and let’s be honest, we apparently like challenges! 

May Hill Farm was established in 2018 when Joe went to a sale and sent Carrie a text message saying "I think we just bought a farm."  Three days after we got the deed a storm came through and took down 30+ trees.  Spring of 2019 our first steers and 2 bee hives arrived on the farm and we moved to the farm Fall of 2019.  Since then we have added more steers, a couple heifer calves, pigs, lots and lots of chickens, goats (for a short time), and barn cats.  Winter of 2021 brought collaboration with our local grocery store to pick up produce they can no longer sell once a week and feed it to our livestock.  This not only provides a great treat for the animals, but keeps food from going to waste.  Summer of 2021 we began Management-intensive Grazing after our crop land was converted to permanent pasture.  Our steers on pasture get moved to a new section of pasture every day.  This aids in soil health and allows recovery time for the pasture which provides better forage for the grazing animals.  Make sure to check back often to see what we are up to next!

We are settled to the West of the Kettle Moraine which gives us some beautiful rolling hills and lots of rocks.  The view from the farm is fantastic.  If you happen to be in the area around sunset make sure to stop in as the view doesn't disappoint!  The name May Hill Farm comes from the fact that we are on a hill (where we get the great view) and purchased the farm in May...we like to keep some things simple from time to time.

We are so thankful for all our customers and support from the community.  We strive to provide nutritious food (we eat it too) and excellent customer service.  

Thank you for following us on this journey and supporting our farm!


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